"Cosmology" Wins Chambliss Award

The textbook "Cosmology" by Professor Daniel Baumann has won the Chambliss Astronomical Writing Award of the American Astronomical Society. The award is given for the best textbook for an academic audience, specifically at either the upper-division undergraduate or graduate level.

In Cosmology, Baumann expands on his widely acclaimed lecture notes to create an up-to-date and comprehensive text that has become a standard reference for modern cosmology courses. The book covers the theoretical foundations of cosmology and describes the observations that have turned the subject into a precision science. The Chambliss Award for Baumann’s book, consisting of an engraved gold medal and a $1,000 reward, was announced at the meeting of the American Astronomical Society on January 11. The award committee recognizes the book for "providing graduate level content with the production and features typical of the best undergraduate texts."

This is the second award for the book Cosmology after the PROSE Award of the Association of American Publishers.

11 Jan
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