Information for Visitors

We are always happy to host Visitors at LeCosPA. Some information for our current visitors can be found in this Visitor Guide.


Most international flights land in Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport which is 40 km southwest of Taipei. There are a few options to get to LeCosPA (downtown Taipei).

By Taxi: Taxis queue outside the arrival halls. Please show the driver these bilingual instructions. The typical fare to Taipei downtown is around NT$1,300. The ride takes about an hour in moderate traffic.

By Metro: Take the Taoyuan Airport MRT Line to Taipei Main Station. The one-way ticket from Taoyuan Airport to Taipei MainStation is NT$160. The ride (on the express train) takes roughly 35 minutes. From Taipei Main Station to LeCosPA (or a nearby hotel) it is a short taxi ride.


A campus map can be downloaded here. A customized Google Map with recommended cafes and restaurants near  LeCosPA can be found here.

LeCosPA is based on the campus of National Taiwan University, in the heart of Taipei.

Taipei is a vibrant international city. One of its landmarks is Taipei 101.

Besides being a modern metropolitan city, Taipei also has beautiful old parts, like this street in the Shenkeng District.

If you are a long-term visitor to LeCosPA, we recommend that you travel to see some of the wonderful island. This Google Map has some recommendations.

Taiwan has many beautiful beaches, especially in the South.

Sun Moon Lake is a nice mountain lake located in Nantou County.

The highest mountain in Taiwan is called Yushan.

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