Baumann Becomes New LeCosPA Director

Prof. Daniel Baumann became the new director of the Leung Center for Cosmology and Particle Astrophysics. He succeeds LeCosPA's founding director Prof. Pisin Chen.

Daniel Baumann is a leading cosmologist who is known both for his research accomplishments and his popular teaching. Before becoming a chaired professor at NTU, he was on the faculty at Cambridge University and the University of Amsterdam.

In a speech, Prof. Baumann thanked NTU President Chen, Dean Wu and Department Chair Paoti Chang for the faith they have put into him in leading LeCosPA into the next chapter of its development. Baumann is honored to work together with the faculty at NTU on the future success of the Center. He also looks forward to working with the many talented students in Taiwan. Finally, Baumann thanked founding director Prof. Pisin Chen for his tireless effort in creating the center.

1 Jan
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