Daniel Baumann

Daniel Baumann is a leading cosmologist and the current Director of LeCosPA.


After a PhD at Princeton University, Baumann was a postdoctoral researcher at Harvard University and the Institute for Advanced Study (Princeton). He was a faculty member at Cambridge University and the University of Amsterdam, before joining National Taiwan University. Since January 2024, Baumann is the Director of LeCosPA and the Chee-Chun Leung Professor of Cosmology.

Baumann's research spans a wide range of topics from the physics of inflation to observations of the cosmic microwave background and the large-scale structure of the Universe. He was the PI of an ERC Starting Grant and a NWO VIDI Grant, and is currently a co-PI of the ERC Synergy Grant UNIVERSE+. In 2023, Baumann won a Humboldt Research Award and was awarded a prestigious Yushan Professorship from the Ministry of Education in Taiwan. His textbook "Cosmology" is a standard resource in modern cosmology courses, and recently won the Chambliss Award of the American Astronomical Society and the PROSE Award of the Association of American Publishers.


Selected Talks

  • The Past, Present and Future of Cosmology (pdf)
  • The Multiverse: One Universe or Many? (pdf)
  • The Scientific Legacy of Stephen Hawking (pdf)
  • The Big Bang and the Origin of Structure (pdf)
  • Introduction to Cosmology (pdf)
  • Our Universe (pdf)
  • The Cosmological Bootstrap (pdf, video)
  • Timeless Cosmology (pdf)

Lecture Notes

  • General Relativity (pdf)
  • Quantum Field Theory (pdf)
  • Cosmology (book)
  • TASI Lectures on Inflation (arXiv)
  • TASI Lectures on Primordial Cosmology (arXiv)
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