Jiwoo Nam

Jiwoo Nam is an accomplished experimental physicist who works on the radio detection of neutrinos, cosmic rays and fast radio bursts.


Nam earned his PhD in Physics from Sungkyunkwan University in 2002. Before joining National Taiwan University in 2011, he held various academic positions, including Research Professor at Ewha Womans University, Visiting Assistant Professor at NTU, and Assistant Project Scientist and Postgraduate Researcher at the University of California at Irvine.

Nam's expertise lies in the detection of ultra-high energy neutrinos and cosmic rays. His primary research projects focus on ultra-high energy neutrino detection using radio such as ANITA, ARA, ARIANNA, and TAROGE, where he has made significant contributions not only to instrumentation, but also to data analysis. Recently, he has expanded his research scope to include the study of a new astronomical phenomenon, fast radio bursts, through participation in the BURSTT project.


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