Cosmology with Massive Neutrinos


Jia Liu


Feb 26, 2024




Room 7S1 (Cosmology Hall)


Ghostly neutrino particles continue to bring surprises to fundamental physics, from their existence to the phenomenon of neutrino oscillation, which implies their nonzero masses. Their exact masses, among the most curious unknowns beyond the Standard Model of particle physics, can soon be probed by the joint analysis of ongoing and upcoming cosmological surveys including Rubin LSST, Euclid, Roman, DESI, PFS, Simons Observatory, CMB-S4, and LiteBRID. In this talk, I will discuss ongoing works studying the effects of massive neutrinos and will draw a roadmap towards discovering the neutrino mass over the next decade.


Jia Liu is a computational and observational cosmologist. Liu is an associate professor at Kavli IPMU in the University of Tokyo and the director of the recently established Center for Data-Driven Discovery (CD3) at Kavli IPMU. Liu received her PhD from Columbia University in 2016, was an NSF postdoctoral fellow at Princeton (2016-2019) and a BCCP postdoctoral fellow at UC Berkeley (2019-2021).

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