EFT of Black Hole Perturbations


Shinji Mukohyama


Apr 22, 2024




Room 7S1 (Cosmology Hall)


Many dark energy (DE) models are based on a scalar field with timelike gradient, while black holes (BHs) serve as probes of strong gravity. In this talk, we begin with a review of the systematic construction of the effective field theory (EFT) describing perturbations around the Minkowski background with a timelike scalar profile and its extension to cosmological backgrounds, i.e. the ghost condensation and the EFT of inflation/DE. If one hopes to learn something about the EFT of DE from BHs then one needs to consider BH solutions with timelike scalar profiles. We thus extend the EFT to arbitrary backgrounds. Finally, we discuss applications of the general EFT to study perturbations of BH with a timelike scalar field responsible for DE.


Shinji Mukohyama is professor at the Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics at Kyoto University. His research interests include theories of gravity beyond general relativity to address the origin of dark energy, the cosmological constant problem and tensions in cosmology, as well as early universe scenarios.

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